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11.30 am                                Gate Open
12 noon                                  Stalls Opem
12.30 pm                              OFFICIAL OPENING
1.00 pm                                  Heavyweight Events
1.00 pm                                  Athletics (Track)
1.15 pm – 3.30 pm                Chieftain Awards for Pipe Bands
1.30 pm                                  Highland Dancing
1.45 pm                                  Cycling – Scottish Grass Championships 800m
2.10 pm                                  Massed Pipe Bands
2.20 pm                                  Athletics – North of Scotland Championship 3000m
2.40 pm                                  10k Road Race
3.00 pm                                  Tug’O’War
3.20 pm                                  Cycling – North of Scotland Championship 6000m
3.30 pm                                  Massed Pipe Bands
4.30 pm                                  Highland Dancing Prize Giving
4.40 pm                                  Mass Pipe Bands
4.55 pm                                  Chieftain Awards Pipe Band Winners
5.00 pm                                  Tossing the Caber

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Posted on: 6.07.2017